Hi, I’m Aimee. This spot is all about the little things that occupy my mind.

Most posts are my tweet links (the stuff I do on twitter). It’s a lot of silly messages, pictures of my goofy dog & a lot of news about the economy & a bit of gardening stuff too.

Besides doing a minimal amount of labor, I read, write, and snap pictures. My days are spent with my husband, our dog and two cats. I like vegetables and I don’t eat meat.


  • High School debate team [early geek out], traveled to Russia in 1989.
  • Exchange Student (summer, 1990) Moscow, Russia
  • Graduated with a B.S.[whatever] in Political Science (East Carolina University, 1995) GO PIRATES!”
  • Spent a few months living in Prague, CZ after graduation. Living cheap and drinking really good beer.
  • Served on the New Hanover County Commission for Women 2002-4 (Wilmington, NC).

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