Twitter 2010-10-23

    Basil anarchy on Twitpic

  • On Sundays after the churches let out (a message for Fox News) #
  • NOAA Establishes Supercomputing Center in West Virginia (American Reinvestment & Recovery Act project) #
  • RT @ombudsman: NPR’s Firing of Juan Williams Was Poorly Handled. New Column posted #
  • “Double Irish” & “Dutch Sandwich” save Google bunches. $60 Billion Lost to Tax Loopholes (Bloomberg) #
  • Getting respect from conservatives can happen, right? Oh look at me, I’m just a silly liberal minded fool. They call me libtard. #
  • 36 Hours in Asheville, N.C. – #
  • I’m feeling that way too. RT @OnOneCondition: I have come to understand that I may not make it through this election cycle. #
  • Time For Your Close-Up: Science Meets Art In Photomicrography #
  • Basil anarchy #
  • Why do I go on facebook? It’s a mood killer. Also, it’s depressing. My goodness it sucks. #
  • Some days I am not right in the head, but feel secure enough to share this nonsense with hundreds of people. #